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  • DSPAT Textile is an online textile learning platform that gives information and lessons about the textile field. This information is available in blog foam on
  • This site provides details about fibre types and structures, yarn manufacturing, Fabric manufacturing, Fabric structure or design, Garmenting, Textile fashion, Technical textiles, and also topics like modern Textile innovations and current news in this field. 
  • DSPAT textile has the aim to be a platform, which has accurate and effective data on the textile field and tries to make a community for more innovations in the textile process. A team of Textile Engineers and technologists who work together toward a common goal of providing authentic and practical based information.  
  • The mission is to convert textile processes in a possibly sustainable way and less harmful to the environment.
  • Any visitors or followers of this blog can also share their knowledge and communicate with experts and creators via comment sections or mail. Visitors are also able to communicate with our social media pages.
Let's go to know about blog categories 

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1. Fiber Manufacturing and its process -

This category includes the production process of textile fibres, their classification of them, the thermal, physical, and chemical process of fibres, and the contribution of fibres to textile materials. Fibre is the basic component of any textile material so the beginning of the textile study with fibre knowledge is great.

2. Yarn manufacturing -

This category includes the ginning and spinning process to produce yarn. staple and filament spinning yarn-producing machines, cleaning and mixing of fibres, material flow, twist insertion, and other processes.

3. Fabric manufacturing -

This category includes the weaving process, chemical treatments, and finishing of the fabric. In addition, woven fabric types, applications, weave designs, and fabric structures are also involved.

4. Garment manufacturing and Fashion trade -

This category includes all processes from grey finished fabric to garment packing, Garment demands, and its technology, design of garments, and the fashion industry.

5. Textile testing and Product management -

This category includes fibres, sliver, yarn, and fabric testing, Their different parameters, and their effect on the final product.

QMC includes quality management and control of products while Product management includes cost and efficiency of production in the industry.

6. Technical textile and Nonwoven -

This category includes technical textile, nonwoven fabric types, their production process, and applications.

7. Other information -

This category includes modern developments in machines, Wordbooks or definitions for complicated terms, sustainable textile processes, and current news.

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