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Online/Digital marketing for fashion brands

In modern times, to survive or grow in the fashion industry each brand needs to do proper marketing of their products. It is almost another half-story of the brand's direction of working. This is true for brand-new start-up companies and veteran companies to be ahead of their competitors. The way of marketing clothes has drastically changed in the past few years. Therefore, it becomes vital for brands to constantly adapt and evolve with new brand strategies.

With the boost of the internet from the past few decades, it also becomes vital that brands have an online presence and have a digital marketing department within management.


In this sector, the DSPAT team will present different ways of marketing, strategies and branding styles. All are classified as per the following types.

  1. Branding and Marketing during the selection or beginning of a brand
  2. Marketing for initially started companies
  3. Marketing for established veteran brands
  4. Online/Digital marketing for brands

Online/Digital marketing for brands


Digital marketing for a fashion brand is one of the most vital, advanced and efficient techniques for marketing as compared to others. Almost all of the developed fashion brands have their website or app. At least they have ad campaigns that run online.


There are numbers of software, website and developer in the market who can make digital marketing possible. Even brands can do this by themselves by hiring proper employees and knowledge of it. Their primary purpose is to increase visitors to shop on the website or engage more people with the brands. Following are the types of online marketing for fashion brands.

Online/Digital marketing for brands

  • Make a website - Making a website for a brand is the first and most important part of digital marketing. As brands grow, simultaneously websites need to be upgraded. The website should be visible to all places and suitable for all kinds of devices. It is also capable enough to handle traffic at once and customers can order products online. (That brings with payment transaction and delivery responsibilities) As new stock arrives for sale, it should be updated on the website and the price for both places needs to be the same. A smooth and visually attractive way website is running, as visitors can engage.
  • I.e. - ZARA have a website that has been customised for each and every country and connately updates its appearance as the new collection comes and show price as per local currency and work as per the country's guidelines.
Zara website

  • Target audience and bring them to the website - Bringing new or established customers to the webpage is the first and foremost part of marketing. This can be done by offline banners or any way of promotion of brands. (Another 3 classified versions of marketing are also helpful for this step.) Making scan codes or websites available in front of the public eye is the central idea of this marketing strategy.
  • I.e. - Nike, they have banners, posters or digital ad with mentioning their website and products.
Nike advertisement

  • Retargeting audience - Once people visit the website, make ads available for their web browsing or their time on social media to make people's minds visit again the website. This can be advanced by collecting information about consumer behaviour, the amount of time spent on the website, their wish list, and products in the cart. Often discounts and sales make it easy to catch the attention of the audience.
Retargeting audience

  •  Social media - Nowadays people spend most of their time on social media and most of them are came with advertisements during their media consumption. Targeting the right platform and reaching the proper people can lead to a significant sales rise. This can be done by making pages on suitable media platforms, uploading constant content, and updating followers about new trends, products and offers for buying.
  • I.e. - the H&M brand has availability on most social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
H&M brand has availability on most social media

  • Use influencers and celebrities - Another way of reaching more and more people is to use social media influencers. They mostly agree on mentioned brands or products in their videos, blogs, vlogs, and recommendations by being sponsors of their content. They have already niche followers that trust their words. Finding proper influencers suitable for brand representation and making branding by them can help reach new customers and generate sales. This process can be also done frequently or with multiple people simultaneously. Celebrities also work similarly, they have already their fans ready to follow. As per the budget for marketing and company status, a brand can hire influencers and celebrities to promote its product in its content.
  • I.e. - Vrst is a men's activewear clothing brand and often make promotion through paid partnership on Instagram.
Vrst is a men's activewear clothing brand and often make promotion by paid partnership in Instagram.
  • Engagement - This is mostly done by the previous three types of marketing, but online engagement with customers has its separate advantage. Frequently engaging with the target audience and sending a message about a new collection or offer to make them loyal towards the brand. Another thing is providing digital membership/loyalty cards which can give them rewards or points when they buy from the brand. This way of marketing also involves the task of giving feedback and solution to customers' issues during online purchasing.
  • I.e. - Marks and Spencer have their Sparks card which gives offers/discounts to their members.

Marks and Spencer have their Sparks card which gives offers/discounts to their members.
  • Personalized ad and offers - As per customer engagement and buying, providing them with an online voucher or specific offers make them happy and give them the confidence to come again for shopping. In the case of digital marketing, this strategy becomes much more practical. Even making an account based on one past shopping history concerning time can give the brand a very informative idea about their future shopping. Based on that data, the next offers can land in their membership details, generating sales.
  • I.e. - User flow with Sparks card - As mentioned in the previous example, M&S use data through the sparks card and makes a prediction for upcoming shopping.
User flow with Sparks card

  • Work on SEO - Search engine optimization is the ranking of the webpage for a specific search. For fashion brands, marketing working on SEO will give great results in growth. When a consumer comes online and searches for their desired product, if the brand is selling that product or has a similar option, then the webpage of that product of the brand should be visible as a result of searching. As much as high it ranks, the better the chances of further engagement from customers with the brand.
  • I.e. - When a random person in the UK (London) type trench coat for men in google, Ted Baker and TM Lewin come first. (However, there are a number of other factors also responsible for this result.)
Google search result
  • SEM, Email and Affiliate marketing - Search engine marketing, or Emailing customers about products and the latest offers or affiliate links are also part of digital marketing. Choosing whom to send, when to send and how to send ad pop-ups is a part of data analytics. This is a niche part of doing marketing but can add up when a compounding effect is generated.
  • I.e. - the Paul Smith brand sends mail as an ad to attract new customers and make sales.
the Paul Smith brand - Email marketing
  • Online ads - As in conventional marketing there are several places and ways to make banners, similarly, in online marketing, there are several places available for placed ads. Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram and other social media ads campaign are part of online ads. These mediums are more accurate and have higher ROI due to niche audience selection.
  • I.e. - Luca Faloni brand has ad campaigns for valentine's shirts in serval places.

Luca Faloni brand has ad campaigns for valentine shirts in serval places.

Questions - 

  1. What are the types of digital marketing for fashion brands?
  2. Explain brand marketing strategies for digital marketing with examples.

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Writer - DSPAT Team

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