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Biggest textile companies in the world

Textile companies in the world

The textile and fashion industries had a major and vital distribution in the world economy. Approximately one-third person of the world is somehow connected with this industry. (You can get more statistics from the fashion innovation article -

With such a large contribution, there are several textile companies which are production textile fibres, yarn, fabric, garments and other textile materials.

Textile materials are not only limiting up to cloths but also include furnishings fabric, technical textile materials, non-woven materials and much more. These are the core branch of the textile sector which has huge contributions in the industrial area.

Biggest textile companies in the world
Garment production at large scale

  • Simultaneously fashion industry is also part of the textile sector which is more towards fabric, cloth, their selling and brands.
  • Here is the list of the few largest multinational textile companies, their area of expertise, contribution and history. (Data will vary with the time, the following are the data from December 2022)
  • TJx Companies - Tax is the largest American textile company and has multiple brands across the globe. The revenue for these companies was $ 32.14 billion in 2021. It has serval retail chains like T.K. Max, Marshallese, winners, Home goods, TJ Maxx, Sierra, Homesense and 4 eCommerce sites. It has more than 4500 stores across the world in 9 different countries.
  • Toray Industries - Toray started by producing only textile fibres and later on it expanded to plastics and chemicals than with further expansion it diversified into serval other fields. Toray is well known for its carbon fibre composite materials, synthetic fibres and functional chemicals. Its market value was around $9.49 billion in 2021.
  • V.F. Corporation - V.F. Corporation is producing silk lingerie and jeans. It is a supplier of Wrangler, The north face, Eagle creek and many other jeans companies. It is also producing sportswear and footwear. Right now, V.F. corporation has more than 30 fashion brands in various sectors with $33.21 billion in revenue in the last year (2021).
  • Zalando S.E. - Zalando SE was founded in Berlin, Germany and is a multinational e-commerce company. It is producing clothes for sports, outdoor bags, footwear, and other sports-related accessories. It is one of the largest textile companies in Europe with a $27.58 billion value in 2021.
  • Admiral sportswear - Admiral sportswear is well known for sports cloth. It is producing clothes and accessories for cricket and football games. Admiral was started in Leicester, Uk and has headquarters in Manchester.
  • Arvind Limited - Arvind was founded in India and is one of the leading textile manufacturers and had headquarters in Naroda it produces denim fabric, cotton shirts, knits and many more clothing accessories.
  • Barking Irons - Barking irons Was founded in New York, USA and it is an apparel manufacturer for sportswear. It won several awards for the sports fashion sector.
  • Bombay dyeing - Bombay dyeing is a flagship textile company founded in India. It is producing bed linen, towels, furnishing and textile chemical processes on large scale.
  • Bruno Banani - Bruno Banani was found in Germany. It produces undergarments, menswear and womenswear.
  • Cone mills corporation - Cone mill corporation was one of the largest manufacturers of textile goods, it is also known for its denim, corduroy, flannel and other cotton blend fabrics.
  • PVH corporation - Phillips - VanHuesen corporation is a multinational lifestyle clothes-producing industry. Serval brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Geoffrey Beene and many more fall under PVH corporation which makes it a large textile company in the world with a market value of $6.68 billion in 2021.
  • Shenzhou International group holdings - Shenzhou International was a clothing manufacturer in china. It is well known for its knitted cloths and has also dyeing, printing, embroidering, cutting, sewing and finishing processing also. It produces all kinds of clothes in different sectors in Hong Kong. The market value of this brand for 2021 was $29.47 Billion.
  • Toray Industries - Toray and. is a manufacturer, processes and retail seller of fabric and other textile materials like filaments, staple fibres, and spun yarn. Toray also produces technical and non-woven textile materials. That makes its revenue $17 billion in august 2022.
  • Under Armour - Under Armour is a trendy American activewear company. It produces footwear, sportswear, sports equipment and toiletries. It had a $7.28 billion market value in 2021.
  • Lululemon Athletica - Lululemon is a Canadian company which is producing yoga or sport-related clothes or accessories. It is well known for its comfortable activewear. Right now the company focuses on all outdoor activities’ cloth like running, cycling, and training for both men and women. It is also known for its patterned fabric Luon which made its value $45.35 billion in 2021.
  • Ralph Lauren Corporation - Ralph Lauren is a global leader in apparel accessories, home furnishing and fragrances. It is known for its luxurious clothing and is also connected with a brand named polo. The market value of this brand in 2021 was $7.58 billion.
  • Prada - Prada was originally founded in Milan, Italy. It is known for luxury products like leather handbags, clothes, jackets and coats, shoes, cosmetics, eyewear, watches, perfumes and many more items. Its market value in 2021 was $16.90 billion.
  • Tonkin group - Tongjun group is known for their PTA, polyester fibres, and other technical textile material production. It is hangjiahu, a tongxiang china based manufacturer. It is also one of the largest exporters of textile goods from china. It had $7 billion in revenue in august 2022.
  • Sasa Polyester Sanayi - Sasa polyester is one of the leading manufacturers of technical textile materials like polyester fibres, filament yarn, and polyester-based polymers. It is a turkey-based company and had a market value of #3.78 billion in 2021.
  • Footlocker - Footlocker is one of the largest retail company American companies. It has a store around the globe. It is producing and sells sportswear clothes and footwear. It had a $5.87 billion market value in 2021.
  • Carter’s - Carter’s is also an American retail store company. It has a multinational store for children's wear. The market value of this brand for 2021 was $4.05 billion.
  • American eagle outfitters - American eagle is a high-quality retail clothing company. It has stores in various countries and had a market value of $5.119 billion in 2021.

Spinning industry
Spinning industry

Following are the names of companies that are also in the market at massive market value and have a significant impact on the textile industry.

  • Reliance industries
  • Hengli petrochemical
  • Zalando SE
  • Grasim industries
  • Jiangsu eastern Shenghong
  • Bath and body works Inc
  • Tapestry 
  • Deckers outdoor corporation
  • LPP SA
  • Gildan activewear
  • Skechers
  • GAP
  • ECLAT Textile
  • Columbia sportswear company
  • Bosideng International Holdings
  • Hanesbrands
  • Far eastern new century corporation
  • Young group
  • Inner Mongolia eerieosi resources
  • HLA
  • Elis SA - 
  • Nordstrom
  • Canada goose holdings
  • Trident limited
  • Boot barn holdings

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