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Introduction of quality control and Quality Assurance department

Introduction of quality control and quality assurance

  • For any industry, it is vital to maintain their final product quality as well as check whether it is according to the standards or not. This stuff can be maintained by two main departments - Quality control and quality assurance.
  • These two departments are basically part of quality management.
  • To survive in the market and fulfil the customer's requirements, the company must maintain their product as well as improve its properties. 
DSPAT Quality management
Quality management 

The main working and objectives of quality control departments are, 

The quality control department controls the quality of the process by constantly checking the product from the production line. 

It basically maintains the standard parameters of production with the help of the testing reports of various samples.

This department is also responsible to maintain raw materials quality as well as final product quality, as a result, it is a corrective tool for any industry.

There is an entire quality control team present for this work to do all kinds of technical changes as well as maintenance of all production machines in such a way that they can fulfil all the standards.

This department maintains quality and makes changes in the process according to the requirements.

DSPPAT Quality control
Quality control

The main working and objectives of quality assurance departments are, 

The quality assurance department assures the quality of final products with their ideal sample.

It has a continuous set of processes that monitor process production, as a result, it is an executive tool for any industry.

It is basically checked that their final product either meets all of their pre-decided parameters or as per the customer's requirements or not.

It compares the product with the ideal or standard samples given by the customer and makes a report about the equivalent and variation of parameters of the product.

This department is responsible for the customer’s confidence and trust in the company’s credibility. (the marketing of great quality products relies on this department.)

This department is judged on the quality and orders to change accordingly If required.

This can assure raw materials as well as final product parameters.

DSPAT Quality assurance
Quality assurance

In any industry, focusing on these two departments' work is give a higher return on investments. This is happening because controlling and assuring the final product will give you an idea of the cost and value of those products in the market. 

Based on this department's report and analysis of them provides a basic idea of raw material purchasing as well as selling a final product in a specific way.

  • In ginning and the spinning unit, QC works for testing of fibres and yarn length, strength, types, twist formation, and amount of twist, while QC works to check all these parameters at the final stage.
  • In weaving, QC works to test or maintain fabric quality such as GSM, width, length, strength, and other technical parameters, while QA works to check yarn quality, yarn properties, weave design, fabric colour, appearance, and other grey fabric properties.
  • In processing, QC works the test or maintain dying and chemical checking and other penetration property, while QA works to check dying absorption and fastness of colour, it also assures shades and concentration of any chemicals that are used for this processing.
  • In the garment industry, QC works to test garment quality, stitching, sewing, and pattern making while QA works to compare garments with standard samples and check fabric quality, and garment properties.

 Questions - 

  1. What are quality control and quality assurance?
  2. Describe quality assurance for different departments.


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