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Wetting process of denim fabric

Wetting process of fabric

DSPAT Denim wetting process
Wetting process of denim fabric

To wet the fabric basically, a water bath tube is used. However, it is a common scenario for the finishing process.

In the modern era, various machines are available for this process that reduce the waste of water.

DSPAT Wetting process
Conventional wetting process of denim fabric

This is the only variable factor in the denim finishing process. 

To wet the fabric 3 methods are popular depending on the fabric types and production quality.

The First is conventional Wet finish process technology. 

In the Wet finish process, the Fabric is properly wet by dipping it into the water bath tube.

This technique gives the freedom to add any amount of fixing agent or adhesive during washing.

The second is the Foam finish technology.

In the Foam finish technique, the Fabric is wet by dipping into the water-air foam tube so that Water bubbles are applied to the fabric.

In this method, Lubricant is added to wet the fabric directly provided by suppliers, so it is not adjustable once the material arrives from suppliers.

However, this method reduces the amount of wastewater.

Foam is made from mixtures of water and air.

Foaming agents add in water to make the solution appropriate and then blow it on the fabric.

DSPAT Foam finish wetting process
Foam finish technology for denim fabric

The third and modern technique is Weko finish technology. 

In weko finish technology, the fabric is wet by several tiny particles of water droplets. 

In this technique, Water molecules are broken into pieces into small micro-particles and create clouds.

The rotor machine uses the high-speed centrifugal force principle to create this type of water particle.

DSPAT WEKO Technology

DSPAT WEKO technology
Weko technology for denim wetting process

Questions -
  1. What is the wetting process of fabric?
  2. Which are the three methods of the finishing process for wetting?
  3. How conventional wet finish process is done?
  4. How does foam finish technology work?
  5. How weko finish technology works?


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