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Flammability of the fabric

Flammability of the fabric

  • The flammability of fabric is a test of fabric behaviour under or in contact with fire. 
  • Every application of textile materials has its own textile fire testing method and characteristics. 
  • In some instances, flammability standards are mandatory and specific in legislation and regulations, whereas for some applications flammability testing is at the discretion of the manufacturer and/or the user. 
  • The flammability value of fabric has a vital role in the end users of that fabric. For example fabrics such as kitchen cloth, cloth for firefighters, and fire extinguisher fabric need to resist any kind of heat or fire. Whereas normal comfort cloth (Simple plain structured) needs to transparent the heat. (Due to its handle and comfort purpose.)
  • Fabric formation is done by a very high fibre surface-to-mass ratio. This will tend to ignite easily and burn faster than other materials. 
  • Textile fabric is also thin material tested in two and sometimes three-dimensional geometries, textile materials burn differently from other solid and liquid fuels. 
  • In general, Fabric tends to burn with fire because it has properties for ease of ignition and has a higher rate of flame propagation.
  • Other factors are heat transfer mechanisms, the rate of heat release through surfaces, and the total amount of heat released.
  • These parameters individually and collectively are influenced by the characteristics of a particular textile material fabric. In this test, these parameters are mainly analysed.
  • The flammability of fabric mainly depends on the chemical composition of the fibres present and the interactions of different fibre types (if the fabric is a blend or composite).
  • However, fabric formation structure (open or closed weave, knitted or woven,
  • non-woven or technical), fabric area density, fabric thickness, fabric structure orientation and point of ignition (e.g. top or bottom of sample, edge or face) are affected.
DSPAT fabric flammability
Flammability of fabric

- Flammability measurement

Questions -
  1. What is the flammability of fabric?
  2. Why it is important to measure flammability?
  3. Detail description of flammable fabric?


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