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Mock leno weave

Mock-leno weave

(Part-1 Introduction of Mock leno weave)
(Part-2 Construction of Mock Leno weave)
  • Mock-leno weave design has a kind of reversible design effect. 
  • Mock-leno has a small continuous strip as a motif and then it reverses. 
  • The reverse pattern of the continuous strip is always marked at the corner place where horizontal and vertical stripes do not combine.
DSPAT Mock Leno weave
Mock-Leno weave fabric

  • Mock leno weave is basically an image of the leno effect because mock leno weave creates a variety of ordinary construction that are similar in appearance to the gauze or leno style.

Characteristics of Mock leno weave

  • It is an open perforated weave like leno fabrics.
  • Mock leno produced in an ordinary way. (Without a special leno shaft mock leno is produced.)
  • Mock leno has quite a similarity with huckaback weave, but due to the thread grouping method of denting is going to be different.
  • The weave is arranged in groups. These groups have either the same size or different sizes.
  • Even a number of design sizes is possible and the smallest repeat size is 6X6. 
  • In mock leno, ends are not going to cross each other but threads are alternately floating on the face or backside of the fabric. 
  • Ends from each individual group are possibly drawn with the common dent.
  • Bunching of threads and floating of threads cause a slight gap or opening area between fabric surfaces in appearance.
  • This appearance is similar to the gauge effect or leno weave, hence the mock leno name is suitable for this weave.


End-uses of Mockleno weave

  • Embroidery cloth
  • Canvas cloth
  • Cheap fabrics like lightweight window curtain
  • Blouses and light dress wear, aprons


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Questions -
  1. What is a mock leno weave?
  2. What are the characteristics of mock-leno weave?
  3. What are the applications/end-use of mock leno weave?

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